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Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward 4.5 stars
Home Work (Life Lessons, #3) - Kaje Harper 4.5 stars
Sucks & Blows - Storm Grant Hilarious. For 50 cents on sale. I laughed, snickered at the intentionally bad puns.... Nice little diversion from angsty stories!
Elements of Retrofit - N.R. Walker There hasn't been a book by N.R. Walker that I haven't loved. This is no exception!
A Life Without You - Erica Pike 4.5 stars
Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville 4.5 stars. Really enjoyed this one and am looking forward to reading more about Jack and D's life together. And I love when one of the characters is from Baltimore since I live there and know all the places mentioned.
Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price I tried to like this series...I really did. Read several of the books back in April (because everyone JUST RAVES ABOUT THIS SERIES) and thought they were just okay; started this one but then put it aside.

Picked it up again, thinking maybe I'll feel differently this time... and still..100 pages into it...can't get into the story or the characters. Vic, as the first person narrator, just gets on my nerves too much. I haven't seen any character growth for him in the series.

I don't really care what happens, so I'm just going to bag it and re read a book I did really like.

I have another book in this series, guess I won't be reading that either.

I seriously need to find something that just makes me go WOW!!!

Incoming - Robert  Cummings I think I would have liked this more if it were a longer story. I didn't have enough time to really care about the characters. And Shawn tossing off weird signals they saying "I'm not gay!" Then being a pretty active participant. And the MMM wasn't necessary if you ask me.
Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux Is it sad that I know I wi
Final Boarding (Turbulence, #8) - Jordan Castillo Price Was expecting more in the final installment. I felt like there still was not a concrete explanation of the turbulence.
Radio Silence - Jordan Castillo Price 2.5 stars. I like the mystery unraveling but the woman in the car and the thing with Denny seemed very out of place.
Blindside - N.R. Walker My favorite of the series...
Flying Blind - Jordan Castillo Price Really likes this installment. I'm very curious about the mystery and all of Marlin's theories...I really want Paul to figure everything out.
Black Box - Jordan Castillo Price Maybe 2.5. I get the need for all the technical parts of this installment, but overall just so so for me. I do want to know the cause of the turbulence so I'm sticking with this series.
Autopilot Engaged (Turbulence, #2) - Jordan Castillo Price Maybe 2.5 stars. Still thinking of The Langoliers the entire time but I like that these are short installments and I do want to see what happens to the characters.
Into the Bermuda Triangle - Jordan Castillo Price I was thinking of Stephen King's story The Langoliers while reading this.